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To manufacture , import, export, purchase, sell, trade, process, rent, lease and otherwise deal in computer hardware, computer software, computer stationer, data processing equipments, machinery components, equipments tools, apparatus accessories, spare parts, energy and or power saving equipment, solar energy equipments for computers, bio- medical and pollution controls, remote controls and the accessories used in electronic communication equipments peripheral products and transmission equipments, testing equipments, consumables such as ribbons types and styles back up cassettes, floppy diskettes of various capacities and size, electrical and electronic components manufacturing of electronic units and components required for any electronic industry associated and related with / to computer and provide training in respect of the above areas and to provide services in above areas including systems analysis, systems development, programming, data processing, data entry systems in India and abroad.
To develop, purchase , sell, lease or otherwise deal in computers software including programmes, application systems, data collection and other facilities relating to computer operations and data processing equipments of all kinds and to further carry on the business of consultants and consultancy in the areas of data processing financial analysis technical marketing and commercial or otherwise.
To provide consultancy and other services and to act as developers, consultants and technical advisers in the field of computers, computer softwares, hardwares, information and management systems, development and dealing in computer programmes, application systems, information and management systems for facilities of data processing and computer operation and in the field of electronics including all types of electronic equipments and appliances, accessories and components and to impart training conduct seminars, workshop, short and long duration, courses, maintenance, software development and to depute personnel to develop and process software and hardware and other electronic items in India and abroad.
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